Impact Muay Thai classes are great for beginners to the advanced martial artist.  Our Muay Thai classes are the heart and soul of what we do.  Generally our largest classes consist of a high pace, technical workout that focuses on drilling combinations, proper striking, with  a guarantee of increased cardio and conditioning. 


We offer two kids classes. Little Warriors, for ages 4 to 10, and Warriors, for ages 11 and up. With each class, our focus is to promote self discipline, build self confidence, and increase physical health through a high energy and fun workout.  Impact Martial Arts and Conditioning is a family atmosphere, providing technical instruction while improving listening skills, self respect as well as respect for others, and team building qualities.  Perfect for the “high energy” child as well as the slightly more introverted child looking to build self esteem.


At Impact Martial Arts and condition we teach you every aspect of the sport.  Footwork, Defense, Counter attacks, Combinations, Mental toughness, and Endurance.  Classes are taught for all levels.  It will increase your eye hand coordination,  reaction time, cardio conditioning, and physical well being.  The perfect combination of physical and mental training in a positive atmosphere.


We offer a daily open workout format, for those who want to come in and work at their own pace.  It gives our members/non-members time to work on the things that they want to improve, receive one on one instruction, and try new things.  Individuals can choose to work with a private instructor during this time for an additional fee. 

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Thai-fit is centered around strength and conditioning that will increase power and stamina while giving students a fundamental Muay Thai base.

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We offer two types of yoga classes.

Vinyasa Flow

A one hour class that will strengthen and work your core with a powerful alignment based flow movement. This class will strengthen and increase mobility in all areas of the body. All levels are welcome.

Slow Flow

A one hour class that is perfect for after a workout, or just winding down at night. This class focuses on alignment and more gentile postures. It is meant to lengthen and open tight areas of the body while bringing a deep sense of relaxation. All levels are welcome.

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Ladies Kickboxing Bootcamp

This 6-week ladies bootcamp is powerful half hour of extreme fitness. This class focuses on strength, agility, cardio, confidence, mental clarity, and empowerment.